Do you recognize this?

With your son or daughter:
With your son or daughter:(child)

☞ Restless, tearful and/or anxious behaviour;
☞ Anger attacks, fear of failure and/or learning difficulties;
☞ Nightmares, insomnia and/or bedwetting;
☞ Sudden, unexplained change in behavior.

Within yourself:
Within yourself:(adult)

☞ Need for clarity about your life path;
☞ Unexplained physical complaints;
☞ Indefinite feeling, not knowing what the next step is;
☞ Recurring patterns in relationships and/or situations

Don’t wait any longer

A Child in Mind session is a first step towards change.
I translate the message that you need to move on.

Child in Mind session

Have you ever stepped into a room, being fully aware of the fact that a discussion just has taken place?
Or have you ever avoided a situation, because it suddenly didn't feel quite right?
These are signals that you pick up, because you unconsciously tune in to someone else’s frequency.
During a Child in Mind session, I consciously tune in to the frequency of the applicant. I do this remotely. Without meeting physically, I will connect with your child or with you. To hear what really wants to be said. Not from the mind, but purely from the heart.

About Child In Mind method

For whom?

A Child in Mind session is not just for children, but is suitable for everyone: From babies to teens, from young adults to elderly, for people with a (intellectual) disability or dementia.
During a Child in Mind session we go beyond the mind, the continuous stream of thoughts and believes. We tune in to a deeper level where all the answers can be found.
Especially if someone isn’t able to express themselves in words, or can’t give meaning (anymore) to what is going on in their life, a Child in Mind session is an ideal way to gain clarity and transform their wishes into words.

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When to get a session?

Are you worried about your child? Do you recognize one or more of these issues; restlessness, anxiousness, problems with eating, insecurity, tiredness, bed wetting, bursts of anger, not being able to keep up in school, learning difficulties, insomnia or having recurrent nightmares, etc. If your child does not feel well for inexplicable reasons, a session would offer direct help.
Or perhaps you feel stuck yourself? Do you have inexplicable physical issues without any prospect of improvement? A Child in Mind session offers you clarity and is an important step to positive change.

How does a session work?

About Child in Mind

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Luisterkind-afstemming aanvragen

Which Child in Mind session suits you?

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