Children will show certain behaviours or have physical complaints. They throw tantrums or even withdraw themselves completely. As a parent, you just don’t always know what the issue is. I often hear parents say: “If only I knew what’s going on in my child’s mind, because not being able to help is so frustrating.”
Are you worried, is it even keeping you awake at night?
Or maybe everything is fine, but you just want to know what you child wants to say? Through a Child in Mind session, your child has the chance to express itself and provide solutions or tools to change a certain situation.

For children
For childrenBecause children often don’t have the words (yet) to express everything

Maybe you can't get past a certain event in your life?
This could be anything; whether you should change jobs or why you always encounter the same problems in personal relationships. Even for unclear physical complaints for which you have already tried everything and you still haven’t seen any improvements. Or perhaps you strongly feel that something has to change, but you are unable to solve it yourself and in need of a new perspective.
For all these situations, a Child in Mind session can offer you new insights and answers to implement so you can move forward.

For adults
For adultsBecause there are issues in your life to which you would like to have an answer

When your child can’t express its feelings or problems (well) in words, you, as a parent, become a master in sensing and trusting your intuition. It’s not always possible to put your finger on what’s bothering your child exactly. Or you just want to know what your child needs to feel happier.
A Child in Mind session can provide clarity and offer new insights. Through this session, your child can voice their thoughts on a deeper level and put their wishes into words, without having to visit yet another institution or unknown professional.

For people with an intellectual disabillity
For people with an intellectual disabillityor people who can’t make their voice heard for other reasons

- Child wish: this session can give women, who want to become a mother, insight into why she hasn’t been able to conceive (yet).
- Birth Processing: during this session we can portray difficult experiences during birth and we look at the influence of the birthing experience in the here and now, and what can be done about it.
- Bridge of Life: this session is specially aimed at people who have a loved one who hasn't passed away yet, but for whom the end is approaching (e.g. due to illness or coma). Or a session for a loved one who has already passed away.

ThemesA session with a special theme

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Marieke has a great capability for tuning in…I can really recognize myself in her description. I do take the advice from the session to heart and will try to be more grounded and also guard my own needed space much more.

Eva35 years old, about her session
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