NOTE: Unfortunately at this moment I am not doing any Child in Mind sessions. Luckily there are a lot of colleagues who are ready to listen to you or your child. To find someone who can do a session in English, go to: and search for Taal: Engels (English)

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    After sending your request form, you wil receive an email from me with an accompanying letter which explaines more in depth what a Child in Mind session is and what you can (and can’t) expect. After agreeing with this information you can make the payment via the webshop. When I have received all the details for the session and the payment, everything is complete. Within 14 days you will receive the Child in Mind session in your email.

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    A Child in Mind session is in no means a replacement for medical treatment. If you have or your child has medical complaints, please consult a doctor or specialist first.

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    “A Child in Mind session is a message from within;

    A special message from you, to you.”

    certified Child in Mind worker