1. Need a session?

Are you feeling completely stuck with your child? Does it keep you awake at night? Have you tried everything without any real improvement? Or are there things in your life that keep getting in your way and you don't know how to move forward? And have you ended up at my website (again)? Then now is the right time for a Child in Mind session.

2. Digital communication

The communication for a Child in Mind session takes place through email. The actual Child in Mind session takes place remotely. You do not have to visit me or agree on a suitable date/time. That means no travel costs, no hassle with intakes or meeting a new therapist. All you need to do is fill out the request form for a session.

3. What is needed?

I need a photo (only of the person for whom the session is requested, no one else), full name, date of birth and family composition (single parent, brothers, sisters, etc) for a Child in Mind session. In addition, you provide as much background information as you wish and you can send all the questions or issues you are struggling with in order to receive answers.

4. In process

You will receive an email with detailed information about the Child in Mind session. After you've made the payment, I am ready to start with the session. You don't have to do anything else. I choose a moment to tune in to you and listen to what wants to be said. I write down this whole “conversation” in a report, which will be the result of your Child in Mind session. You will receive this report in your mailbox within two weeks of your application.

5. Change

When you receive the report of the session and read it, there is almost always a feeling of recognition and relief. Important issues have been identified and the problem has been resolved or the solution is within your reach. Now it is up to you to follow through with these tips and start using the tools. It is great to discover that you yourself have the power and tools to move forward. A follow-up appointment with me is not necessary.

Important note!

Even though communication only takes place digitally, the Child in Mind session is intense and very personal. I handle every session carefully and try to be as pure as possible. You can only request a session for either yourself or for your child. Children from 10 years and olders must also give their consent for a Child in Mind session. They are old enough to make this decision.

Are you open to really listening to yourself or your child?

Important note

A Child in Mind session is in no means a replacement for medical treatment. If you have or your child has medical complaints, please consult a doctor or specialist first.