How does the Child in Mind method work?

The way a Child in Mind session works, is actually similar to the concept of finding the right radio frequency. When you find the right frequency, you can receive the channel. We all have our own unique frequency and we send “signals”. When you learn to listen to these signals, you can receive a lot of information. Anyone can do this. As a matter of fact, everyone is already doing this. Only we are often no longer aware of this. 

Have you ever stepped into a room, being fully aware of the fact that a discussion just has taken place? The tense vibe, the pressure?
Or would you rather not stand too close to a particular group of people at a party, because they make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy?

These are all signals that you pick up by (unknowingly) tuning in to the frequency of another person. Unknowingly, we know a lot. And let’s suppose that you could tune in to someone on purpose… to knowingly feel what someone else wants to say, something that you would actually want to do? This means that we could access a huge wealth of information.

This is exactly what happens during a Child in Mind session. I tune in to the applicant’s frequency and “listen and talk” with the person to understand what needs to be said. Yet the conversation doesn’t happen face to face, but through energy. And not from the head or from the ego, but through that pure frequency that tells us what is right for us!

You are the one doing the talking

You can come to me with all kinds of questions for a session. I am not an expert or specialist in every area, but I will guide you and help you find the answers. You are doing the actual talking during a session; you are the one providing the insights, the solutions and the tools. I listen and translate the message that you or your child want(s) to communicate. I will write the whole “conversation” down of this Child in Mind session. It is a message from within, a message from your deepest core. After receiving the report of the session, you will most likely feel recognition and relief, making it easier to implement the changes necessary.

Are you curious about what you want to tell yourself or what your child would like to say? Or do you feel the need for something to change, but you don’t know where to start?

“With the Child in Mind method, we look at the pure human being. We work together with the knowledge that the person asking for help usually already knows the solution. Therefore, we don’t connect with the mind, but connect on a deeper level. The sense, the soul, the inner child, whatever you would like to call it. Here is where you can find all the answers to problems, fears and doubts. Right there, on a deeper level, is the unique foundation of a human being, the peace, the self-reliance, the quality of life. Due to circumstances, people have started to forget this ability and we are trying to make people aware again.”

Diana Hendriks-van Beaumont, founder of the Child In Mind method

testimonial child in mind method

Brian, 45 years old
About his session
“It’s indeed true that, lately, I have been consciously trying to live more minimalistic and to enjoy the little things in life more. I can find happiness in the smallest moments. The tip to walk/move in order to eliminate my migraine is definitely helping. I must indeed learn to quickly recognize that I have too much on my mind and be able to take a moment to myself sooner.”