Child in Mind work

I followed the study for Child in Mind worker by Diana Hendriks-van Beaumont, therefore I am a certified Child in Mind worker. I have integrated this Child in Mind method in my practice.


Be aware that the Child in Mind method connects to a deeper level of you or your child. A layer which maybe never had the chance to be heard, or couldn’t be voiced.

I’m here to translate this message from within, so you can work with it and move forward.

  • I have the right to refuse a session at any time and without reason.
  • Children from the age of 10 will need to give their permission for a session if the parents/guardians have requested a session.
  • I assume parents have discussed this with their child beforehand and that the child gave their permission.
  • I have the right to change the time frame of delivering the session (without reason). Of course, I will do everything possible to complete the session within 14 days.


  1. I’m not a therapist, doctor or child psychologist.
  2. I do not cure illnesses or birth defects from any kind of origin.
  3. During the session no one will reveal his or her soul purpose. Every soul knows, but it will never be shared with me.
  4. I do not predict divorces, marriages, pregnancies or illnesses/death.
  5. I only perform a Child in Mind session for the parent living with the child.
  6. Include as much information as possible in advance, so that I can start the session as precisely as possible. With enough information, I can take more targeted steps and together we can provide more specific solutions.


I work from the inner love and purity of a human being and will try to always achieve this in our (email) contact as well.

For testimonials from previous clients after receiving their Child in Mind Session, please have a look at their experiences.

Warm regards from Bali,

Marieke Nijland
Certified Child in Mind worker

certified Child in Mind worker