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Are you curious about the power of the Child in Mind method?
Or do you have doubts about whether a Child in Mind attunement can mean something for you or your child?

What is an attunement?

A Child in Mind attunement means that I make contact with a child or adult on a distance. One calls this the subconscious, another one calls this the soul. But what we call it actually doesn't really matter. It's about the same thing. Attuning works just like finding the right radio frequency. When you have the right frequency, you can receive the channel. This is what I do during an attunement too. By tuning into the 'frequency' of the applicant, I can communicate and talk to this person and hear what really needs to be said. Not from the ego or the mind, but straight from the heart.

More about Child In Mind

For whom

A Child in Mind attunement is suitable for everyone, not just for children. From babies to teenagers. From young adults to elderly.
During an attunement we ignore the mind, the continuous stream of thoughts. Instead we connect on a deeper level to gain more insight into what is going on.
And because we enter at a deeper level and ignore the literal conversation, the method is also very suitable for people with intellectual disabilities or people who can’t make their voice heard because of other reasons. Through an attunement they can give words to their wishes.

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Why an attunement?

Are you worried about your child?
Do you recognize one or more of these complaints; restless, weepy, anxious, bad appetite or not eating, insecure, extremely tired, bedwetting, anger attacks, not coping well at school, learning difficulties, fear of failure, sleepless or nightmares, etc. If your child feels unwell for an inexplicable reason, an attunement can help to get clarity.
Or do you feel stuck in life and you have tried everything, but there is no improvement? An attunement can give new insights. After an attunement changes are often immediately noticeable.

Time for an attunement?

What is Child in Mind?


Marisaabout the attunement for her 3 year old daughter

Thanks for the attunement! I knew that you did it had been done, because yesterday she was already showing improvement. She normally wakes in the morning stressed and calling for me, but instead she came out quietly to the kitchen and we hugged. And now one week after the attunement I noticed her calmer, less clingy with me and able to be more present with adults. I am so grateful for what has happened this far already.
If your child is struggling and unable to communicate their troubles, definitely try an Attunement with Marieke.

Lauraabout the attunement of Nadine, her 12 year old daughter

What a beautiful message. Nadine and me can totally resonate with what is said. Good to hear that she is telling that she wants less pressure. This is so true correct and very helpful. Her teacher at school is already giving her less homework because of the pressure it gives Nadine. And it's good to know that she wants to express herself more. We can focus on that.
I am very happy with this attunement. Again, thank you very much for this beautiful message.

Jannekeabout the attunement of Bas, her 5 year old son

Oooh it’s so accurate what you have written. Beautifully described as well. You totally pointed out the main issue that we have been facing and tools how to handle it. Thank you so much. We will take this into practice.

Maaikeabout her attunement, 16 years old

I was very happy with the attunement. Especially the part about stress at school and my motivation helped me a lot. I am definitely going to keep the tips in mind when I face stress at school again. Thank you for this!

Gediplomeerd Luisterkindwerker

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Are you worried about your child or do you feel stuck in life?
Then wait no longer and listen to what is needed to change the situation.

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